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Got the standby flight so heading to Heathrow in a few minutes. I'll try and keep this updated as I progress.

Edit: Landed safely in Heathrow, to find flights to Dublin cancelled. Happily now on board a Virgin train to Bangor, North Wales, presuming that I'll be able to make it to Holyhead from there, to a prebooked Ferry at 2:40 am.... Total costs of misadventure are now running at about €180. Travel insurance will pick up the tab for atleast some of this (and they have already very kindly sent me a claim form). I also presume that I will be able to get a refund for the LHR -> DUB element of my trip. So apart for a continually increasing sleep deficit all is good. Oh, and I also picked up a young female sidekick from Kerry as a travelling partner :).

Further Edit: Virgin Trains get serious kudos as upon seeing us all standing in the snow on the platform in Bangor, they reboarded us and are taking us straight to Holyhead. Now for a 6 hr wait in Holyhead. Atleast there will be food (which it didn't look like there was in Bangor station)

Final Edit: I am home. The sidekick was also safely delivered to Heuston for her train to the interior. Snow, heavy cases and missing buses make for interesting adventures at Dublin Port. It was also heart warming to eventually get a taxi and know the taxi driver from the local Rathmines rank.
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