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Just a few quick notes in case anyone is thinking of watching various new series.

Stargate : Universe is one of the best series I've seen in a while. Very dark. Robert Carlyle is excellent. The tension onboard the Destiny is palpable. Its not flawess, its constrained by TV running times and predictably the heroes have to get away, though there is a bodycount and I am always hopeful that that will increase.

V is pretty mediocre. Again probably not helped by the 41minute format. Morena Baccarin is hot though, and that helps. There has only been 1 episode so far, so maybe it will improve (it probably won't though, it just has that feel...) (there are actually posters in the bus shelters for this in Canada... V. CTV. 8 Tuesday..).

I haven't seen enough of the new season of Dollhouse yet to say if its an improvement over the first season though it shows signs of being. Its probably too late anyway. Its ratings in the US have been terrible so it might live out the season based on the fact that it is in a bad slot (friday night) and there is probably hope of strong DVD sales (a la Firefly), but I would guess that it will be gone then. Time will tell.

Conversely Flash Forward is the telefantasy ratings hit of this season. However it shares alot of resemblances with the first season of heroes in terms of a few dull characters and a meandering storyline. The premise is good and from time to time the execution is good, but overall I am bored already. This is one that it might just be worth reading a synopsis of.

That's all for now...
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